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BPC is a NON-PROFIT NO KILL animal rescue and shelter who's mission is to provide a comfortable home for all domesticated pets. We take in unwanted or surrendered pets, neglected and/or abused.

We are available for adoptions & surrenders Monday through Sunday by appointment only. We are a foster based rescue, therefore we have to coordinate with our foster families prior to receiving any visits. You must also fill out our online adoption application and be approved prior to viewing any of our animals.

We would like to Thank Amalia Gomez, for her 6th birthday she asked everyone to bring presents for Buffalo Paws and Claws Animal Shelter instead of for her!. Here is what she collected! She also has monetary donations too. Thank you so much!!

At this time we are only accepting dogs for surrender. We currently do not have the space available to accept any cats. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Operation save the Ohio dogs part I & II. Once you view this video there's no denying that these dogs needed our help! Please turn up the volume and for easier viewing feel free to pause at any time. We love every single one of you chi babies!

Kitty Needs a Forever Home

Latte Needs A Foster Home

Meet Kitty, a sweet boy about 5 years old. His owner passed away in December 2012 and left behind him and 9 other cats. Kitty is very shy at first but once he opens up he is a big sweetie! Please be aware it will take him several months before he is himself, but when he is he is very sweet! Kitty loves canned food and catnip, so that is a great way to start the bond! He is wonderful with cats, even when they don't care for him. Kitty would be great in a home with children under 10 and no dogs. He is up to date on vaccinations, FIV/FeLV negative, dewormed and neutered. If interested please call or text 716-308-0101 or email bpckitties@hotmail.com. Meet Latte a sweet and friendly 5-8 year old female pit mix. We found her as a stray who has clearly been either attacked by another dog or in a fight. Please don't let this deter you! We have had her around kids and she passed with flying colors. Both males and females in which she did great. She seems to actually favor men over women. Her story is not an uncommon one but we will not let her die! We know there's someone out there that will rescue her and in return she will rescue you back! A woman called us and said that there was a dog crying near her back door. She opened it up and there was latte. Face all scarred, legs with marks on them, fur loss on her tail, etc but she jumped on the woman and gave her kisses! Dawn and Chris stopped everything they were doing, drove to buffalo, and picked her up. She was brought back to our home base/kennel where she has been a little stressed. It appears as though she might not like other dogs. One factor could be that she's not spayed yet. We took her to Seneca animal hospital where she was very well behaved. She took her shots like a champ! Displayed zero aggression issues while being held, shots given, and a bordatella vaccination in put in her nose. She's all up to date now. No microchip, we checked. We called k9 connection dog training in buffalo where we had an evaluation done with her with another dog. The owner Tyler donates his time to our rescue free of charge. connectwithyourk9.com. He said that although she shows signs of dog reactivity that they think she has a lot of potential. They are also willing to work with her pro bono, as long we can find a foster for her. We then called to get her spay appt set. Operation pets said the soonest they can do it is on April 21st. We need a foster who will love this well behaved girl! One who will take her to training classes once in a while and one who has no other pets. She chases cats which was observed by the nice lady who found her. At one point she must have lived in a home because she knows sit and paw. Please we beg of you that you do NOT judge her on looks or by breed. Her kindness and loving nature will surprise you! Do NOT be afraid to give her a chance, because they all deserve one. I told myself I would not be angry posting this. Angry that there is another neglected pit bull left to fend for herself on the streets or to be sad and cry because of her face being bitten up. So badly that her left eye has a scar on it. I am grateful that we have her and that this is just the start of a wonderful life for beautiful Latte.